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North East Dive operates from various ports along the Moray firth, there is an abundance of quality diving to be had from stunning reefs, walls and pinnacles to shipwrecks in varying depths all along the coast. The Moray Firth is blessed with some of the best quality water to be had in the UK with visibility reaching further than 30m on occasion. most of the dive sights can be found only a short boat ride from port and tides are relatively easy to work around. North East Dive runs regularly  boat diving most weekends and weekdays on request, all dives are advertised on email (best join the email list) and on this website, places tend to fill quickly so early booking advised. whether you book as a group, pairs or single divers (always a willing dive buddy to pair up with you) a warm friendly welcome can be assured.  Our only stipulation is that you are suitable qualified for the planned days diving, if in any doubt please contact us.

Some sample dive sites:

Caple rock:    scenic pinnacle max depth 20m usually lots of lobsters to be found

Unity shipwreck:   small fishing trawler always teaming with life depth max 26m, UnityAug17 UnitySeal UnityJuly UnityJuly UnityJune

Narr: steamship, generalky teaming with life, max 15m NarrJuly NarrAug NarrJul

San Tiburcio:   Large oil tanker

The Fram shipwreck:  a cargo ship in two pieces, more challenging deeper dives

Queen street reef:    stunning shallow reef a short ride from port QueenSt

Greeenside MacduffJan MacduffJan MacduffFeb

Many more sites to many to list.


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